in 60 min
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30 days after payment
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about the Webinar
The program of the seminar was designed by
Liountmila Vertikova & Anastasia Ustinova
and is available exclusively from the academies
Ustinova Best Lashes & VLV Beauty!

You receive 2 Certificates, one from each academy!
For whom is this Webinar for:
Advanced LashArtists
You should know and work the Volume technique for at least 6 months
Fast service
Professionals and beauty salons that have a large clientele
Lovers of learning
Professionals who are not reassured and want to constantly acquire new knowledge
In which cases we use Volume 60'
Volume 60' Technique
What we must be careful about
Choosing the right tweezers
Eye shape
What you need for Volume 60'
SOS: How it should not be
Pros and Cons of Volume 60'
How it should be
Correct way of Volume 60'
Extra Tips
Lash Glue secrets
Special modeling Effects of * Squirrel-I *Mega Fox
How to stop the fans from closing
Video application from Liountmila Vertikova
4 Top reasons to choose our Webinar
Material & Support
With each of our seminars we provide you with a complete and detailed E-book, and you have continuous support from our team for any questions and difficulties
All our students have a privileged discount on our company's products
The Certificates obtained from our seminars are recognized in 27 European countries
Lash Inc Accreditation
The Lash Inc Association certifies high quality materials, approves and recognizes higher education programs internationally. All our Certificates bear the seal of Lash Inc
What is the process to be able to watch
In order for you to access the Webinar, payment must be made first
The seminar will be accessible to you through a special online platform, which also has its own application "Chatium"
Online Test
After attending the Webinar you will have to answer a theoretical test to complete the course
Recognized in 27 European countries and approved with the seal of the global Lash Experts' group "Lash Inc"
  • Awarded as the Best Lash Trainer 2021 Worldwide by Elite Lash Global taking the 1st place
  • Awarded as the Best Lash Trainer 2019 in Europe by Torino Beauty Congress
  • International Judge at worldwide Eyelash Extension and Lash Lift Championships in Europe, America and Russia
  • Global speaker at international conferences

  • Owner of the beauty salon "Beauty Star" since 2008
  • Founder and president of VLV Lashes & VLV Beauty since 2016 with a registered European brandname
  • Holder of 80+ degrees in Make-Up, Extension Lashes, Lash Lift, Brow Lift and Brow Henna
  • VLV Basic Trainer in eyelash extensions, Lash Lift, Brow Lift and Brow Henna
  • Responsible for training and coaching the Trainers of VLV Beauty Academy
  • Specialist in extension lashes masterclasses ( Kardashian Style, Eyeliner, Curl L, Perfect duo lash )
  • Creator of a personal manual for learning the methods of extension lashes, with a registered patent
  • Organizer and speaker at the first eyelash conference in Athens, VLV Lashes Sensation in June 2019
  • As President of VLV, she sponsors many events worldwide
  • She gives interviews on television, radio and in magazines
  • In February 2020 was the cover of the Italian magazine Lash Inc Italia, with worldwide recognition
  • Creator of the Project: "Insta Promo Beauty Artist", lessons for promotion and marketing for all Beauty Artists
  • Owner and head of an eyelash extension studio in Moscow
  • The current Top-master of her studio in Moscow
  • Experience in the field of extension eyelashes since 2014
  • TOP Master according to the magazine "Profi Performance"
  • Author and teacher of eyelash extension courses
  • Certified eyelash extension trainer
  • Lecturer at VLV Beauty Academy in Athens, Greece
  • Speaker in Athens at VLV Lashes "Sensation Conference 2019"
  • Speaker in Turin, Italy, "World Beauty Congress 2019" (Awarded "Best Lash stylist")
  • Speaker "Intercharm" Kiev 2019
  • Specialist in eyelash extension masterclasses

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